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Read the summer edition of Exclusive PurposeTM

The summer 2016 edition of Exclusive PurposeTM  is now available.  It includes a helpful guide for trustees looking to select reliable counsel, help for those looking to understand new regulations for pension benefit suspension voting under MPRA, and a look at a unique new approach to achieving true health fund cost savings within network-access agreements, called the "total cost guarantee".  Click here to read the summer edition of Exclusive PurposeTM.


Information on Automotive Industries Pension Fund

LOSGS is serving as counsel to Automotive Industries Pension Fund representative, Ray Monteiro.  More Information.


Tom Atmore receives North Star Lawyer award recognition for Pro Bono Service

Attorney Tom Atmore of the Leonard O'Brien law firm has been named one of Minnesota's North Star Lawyers by the State Bar Association. The North Star Lawyers designation is given to attorneys who provide 50 hours or more of legal services in a calendar year to those who could otherwise not afford counsel.

The State Bar Association notes that, by generously donating their time and talent, attorneys certified as North Star Lawyers change lives and help people achieve justice.

Tom is a trial attorney with LOSGS who litigates in state and federal courts throughout the United States. 



LOSGS Article in June Edition of Benefits Magazine

LOSGS attorneys Pete Rosene, Pamela Nissen, and Michael Joliat co-authored an article on issues retiree representatives will face under the Multiemployer Reform Act of 2014. The article was published in the June 2015 edition of Benefits Magazine, a publication of the International Foundation of Employee Benefits Professionals. Read the article here.



Debut edition of Exclusive Purpose™ Newsletter Released

The LOSGS Multiemployer Trust Funds group has published its debut edition of Exclusive Purpose™, a newsletter that provides the latest news and information on best practices for your plans. Read it here.


Multiemployer Pension Reform Act of 2014

This new law may bring about changes in how pension funds can be administered. To read more, or to contact LOSGS’s Multiemployer Trust Funds attorneys, click here.


LOSGS Employee Benefits Practice Expands

We are pleased to announce that Attorneys Pamela H. Nissen and Michael T. Joliat have joined the LOSGS employee benefits practice! Pam and Mike bring a wealth of experience advising multiemployer benefit plans to the practice established by Peter M. Rosene and Thomas R. Haugrud in 2014.

Click here for more information on the services available from our rapidly expanding employee benefits practice.



Automobile Insurance Coverage: Do You Have Enough?

One of the common problems we see in representing victims of car crashes is insufficient automobile insurance coverage. Minnesota law requires that automobile owners have no-fault, liability, uninsured and underinsured motorist coverages. Unfortunately, most people don’t know what these coverages are or how much they should purchase to protect them and their family. Here are a few things to keep in mind.....Read more...


Man Forgets To Update Insurance Beneficiary Form, Ex-Wife Gets The Money

In what should be a strong reminder to all of us to make sure we have designated the insurance beneficiaries we truly want designated, the U.S. Supreme Court has ruled that a Virginia man's life insurance payout will go to his ex-wife, not his wife.

Warran Hillman had made his first wife the beneficiary while they were married, They were divorced, and Hillman never changed that designation, despite later re-marrying.   After Hillman's death, it was discovered his first wife was still listed as the beneficiary.  Hillman's second wife sued, and the case progressed to the Supreme Court, which ruled that, despite the change in marital circumstances, a person's named beneficiaries are entitled to receive the payout.


Health Concerns, Legal Issues Involving Mirena IUD

More than 2 million women in the U.S. use Mirena, which is a contraceptive intrauterine (IUD) device. The IUD, which came on the market in 2000, is placed into the uterus where it releases certain hormones to prevent pregnancy for up to five years. Unfortunately, serious complications have developed.....Read More






LOSGS handled our difficult case with the utmost professionalism, and the results were excellent.  Their attorney provided great advice regarding important decisions and was a great resource for our business. 

Stephen F.



Tireless Effort on Behalf of Clients

Attention to Detail

Compassion and Understanding

Clear Communications

The Ability to go the Distance




Powerful Presentation Fights Distracted Driving       - Available to schools and community groups in the Twin Cities

It only takes a second of looking away at a screen to change lives forever.  Distracted driving kills more than 5,000 people and injures more than 450,000 every year.  Ed Gale and Tom Atmore from our firm are reaching out to the Twin Cities community, by providing a powerful presentation to high schools and civic groups, designed to impact the decision-making of current and future drivers.  It's all part of the "60 For Safety" campaign, a national effort to build awreness about the issue and increase safety on our roads. Read More


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